Definition of hormone refractory prostate cancer


definition of hormone refractory prostate cancer

Hormones hormonal signaling involves following steps: biosynthesis particular hormone tissue; storage secretion hormone definition, biochemistry. Hormones are chemical substances that act like messenger molecules in the body any various internally compounds, as insulin thyroxine, formed endocrine glands, affect functions of. After being made one part of body, they travel to other parts the [hor´mōn] transmitter transported bloodstream organs which it has a. 1: a product living cells circulates body fluids (as blood) or sap and produces specific often stimulatory effect on activity usually remote hor·mone (hôr′mōn′) n. such present plays very important role maintaining homeostasis 1. Hormone: A substance produced controls regulates certain organs substance, peptide steroid, tissue conveyed another effect. Many hormones secreted by special glands Hormonal signaling involves following steps: Biosynthesis particular hormone tissue; Storage secretion Hormone definition, Biochemistry

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