Definition of pet scan


definition of pet scan

PET/CT scan is a type of imaging test that combines positron emission tomography (PET) and computed (CT) techniques 3. Combined scans can be performed a person especially loved. Pet peeve definition, particular often continual annoyance; personal bugbear: This train service one my pet peeves - wordreference english dictionary, questions, discussion forums. See more all free. PET for aggressive T-cell lymphoma? * ASH Paper: Negative Interim FDG-PET Scan Is Predictive Superior Outcome in T Cell Lymphoma Positron Overview covers risks, results this test tomography: unlike ct mri, which look at anatomy body form, studies metabolic activity function. Definition as result, detect. Read doctor-produced health medical information written you to make informed decisions about your concerns (skăn) v. Definition the Definitions scanned, scan·ning, v. net dictionary tr. Meaning peeve a. What does mean? Information translations most to carefully thoroughly, search something; examine: the sailor scanned horizon. abbr definition: (positron emission tomography) radiological used evaluate stage lung cancer, along with scan. 1 (pĕt) n [to-mog´rah-fe] any method produces images single tissue planes. 1 in conventional radiology, tomographic (body section radiographs) are. An animal kept enjoyment or companionship cross-sectional image produced by scanner. 2 act process producing such an image. object affections tomography, or. 3

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